Privacy Policy


The Saddlefitter believes that privacy is an important individual right and is important to our own business and to our customers.

In this policy, we set out the standards to which The Saddlefitter is committed to ensuring the privacy of individuals

Collection of Personal Information:

The Saddlefitter only collects personal information if it is necessary for our business purposes. The information we collect may be limited to contact details where we interact with the public (eg. in the case of a website registration) or may include more detailed information where a client relationship exists.

Use of Personal Information:

We use personal information for the primary purpose for which it is collected. That may include supplying our services or responding to an individual's request.

We may use personal information for purposes which relate to the primary purpose of collection. We may also use contact information to market our related services, however the individual will always be given the opportunity to elect not to receive further marketing information from us.

Internally, we have controls and procedures to ensure that personal information provided to us remains confidential. All of our staff are trained in privacy and are bound by strict duties of confidentiality to the Company and its clients.

We will not collect or use personal information in ways other than as stated in this policy unless we have obtained an individual's consent. In some cases we may specifically request a consent form to be signed. In other cases, consent may be implied (for instance, where an individual gives us information after being fully advised of how it will be used).

Disclosure of Personal Information:

We do not sell or trade personal information, or allow third parties to use that personal information for their own purposes.

Sometimes, our business needs require that external contractors or suppliers assist us with information handling. This may include, for example, website hosting.

If information is needed to be accessed by a third party, we attempt to limit that access to the extent possible and to ensure that those suppliers and contractors are also bound by duties of confidentiality and privacy.

We also ask our clients to confirm that they have made their own disclosures or obtained consents before they pass any personal information to us.

Security of Personal Information:

The Saddlefitter aims to achieve industry best practice in the security of personal information which it holds. It is our policy to destroy personal information once there is no longer a legal or business need for us to retain it.

Access to Information:

We will provide access to personal information upon request by an individual, unless a request is unreasonable and the National Privacy Principles would permit us to decline that access (for instance, where granting access would infringe another person's privacy).

Corrections and Concerns:

If you believe that information we hold about you is incorrect, or if you have concerns about how we are handling your personal information, then we ask that you contact us and we will try to resolve those concerns.

Effect of Policy:

This policy does not form a contract between an individual and The Saddlefitter.

The policy may also be subject to change.